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HamSCI is pleased to announce the results from the inaugural running of the Gladstone Signal Spotting Challenge (GSSC). Held during the October, 14, 2023 North American annular solar eclipse, the competition was designed to recognize operators of digital mode stations who contribute valuable data to ionospheric research.  The HamSCI GSSC Score Adjudicator found over 713,500 'spots' attributable to the 68 entrants in the three databases named below - that's a lot of spots!

Icom ID5100 VHF/UHF ham radio

HamSCI member McKenzie Denton, KO4GLN, has reason to be proud of not one but two ham radio related accomplishments in 2023: A scholarship to Old Dominion University and a winning essay which earned her a new Icom radio.

A team of scientists led by Alex Chartier at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory just published a study Validating Ionospheric Models Against Technologically Relevant Metrics, published in the peer-reviewed American Geophysical Union journal Space Weather. Co-authors include Josh Steele, G. Sugar, David Themens, Sarah Vines, and Joseph Huba.

Well known HamSCI VLF enthusiast Jonathan Rizzo, KC3EEY, recently received the Murgas Amateur Radio Club’s 2023 Ham of the Year award.

MIT Haystack Observatory

Long time HamSCI Advisory Board member Dr. Philip Erickson, W1PJE, was recently named as the Incoming Director at MIT’s Haystack Observatory.  

KF7ZN award plaque

HamSCI member Ron Wilcox, KF7ZN, recently received the Utah DX Association’s 2023 Technical Achievement Award.  The UDXA recognized Ron for promoting radio-related science topics to the amateur (ham) radio community.  

Rates of Decay WWVB Enhancement and Decline Differ

HamSCI Announces Initial Observations From 14 October Annular Solar Eclipse—Encourages Amateur Participation in Upcoming 8 April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse QSO Party

Dr. Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF, Lead Organizer for HamSCI (The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation) and assistant professor of physics and engineering at The University of Scranton W3USR, has announced initial observations from the October 14th annular solar eclipse across North America. 

Fontiers in Astronomy Web Logo

Dr. Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF, Lead Organizer for HamSCI and assistant professor of Physics and Engineering at the University of Scranton, has announced that its latest paper, "Heliophysics and Amateur Radio: Citizen Science Collaborations For Atmospheric, Ionospheric, And Space Physics Research And Operations,” has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Science*.

NASA Partner Logo

HamSCI proudly joined dozens of other citizen science project teams at NASA’s Science Activation (SciAct) / Citizen Science (CitSci) Community Workshop held in Leesburg, VA, November 13-17, 2023.   Conference attendees, leaders in the volunteer citizen science community, shared project success stories and future plans for their science and education based teams.

WTVG television news coverage of hamsci solar eclipse event

The October, 2023 North American annular solar eclipse may be past, but media coverage of that event, an element of HamSCI's Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science, will live on in a wide variety of informative features.  Magazines, websites, NASA produced videos, local and national news coverage tell the story of how HamSCI citizen scientists and researchers are contributing to science.